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Watchdog Timer - Custom Solutions

Industrologic sells 4 different types of versatile and modestly priced watchdog timer printed circuit boards:

picture of UWDT UWDT   Universal Standalone Watchdog Timer/Monitor (stock product) picture of UWDTPC UWDTPC   OEM Universal Watchdog Timer (custom order product)
picture of UWDTIE UWDTIE   OEM Universal Watchdog Timer (custom order product) picture of UWDT485 UWDT485   OEM Universal Watchdog Timer (custom order product)

Specifying a Custom Watchdog Timer

However, even with all of these choices of boards and the way that they operate, you may need a watchdog timer with a custom mode of operation.

We have made numerous custom watchdog timers for our customers from some of our standard microcontroller boards, by writing simple programs that run on these boards. A number of our microcontroller boards are ideal to start with because they have the I/O and relays to provide the features that many watchdog boards need. For example, the OEM51 and the DR51 are inexpensive microcontroller boards on which to base a custom watchdog timer.

So, if none of our dedicated watchdog timer boards are exactly what you need, feel free to contact us at (636) 723-4000 about quickly and inexpensively creating a custom watchdog timer that works just how you want it to.

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