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UWDT Universal Standalone Watchdog Timer

The Industrologic UWDT Universal Standalone Watchdog Timer/Monitor is a versatile external watchdog timer board that can increase the system reliability of a wide variety of microcontroller and computer systems. It can do this by allowing the system to trigger the watchdog timer either with RS-232 serial data which is passed through the board, or with a digital logic signal.

In the Watchdog Timer mode it's form "C" relay with 10 amp contacts can restart a microcontroller or system by either power cycling the system's power, or by operating a reset switch connection.

In the Monitor mode it can report the presense or absense of a signal being monitored by indicating either of these two states with the relay.

Included with the UWDT printed circuit board assembly is a wall block power supply and an RS-232 cable to connect it to your computer or other serial device. An optional machined ABS plastic enclosure is also available.

UWDT documents and information:

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