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Industrologic, Inc., announces the release of their UTR, Universal Timer Relay (Programmable Digital Timer).

The Industrologic UTR is a microcontroller and crystal oscillator based programmable timer board designed to provide a versatile general purpose timer with a high current relay and extremely accurate timing.

The UTR features a number of timing modes that are easily selectable with a mode switch, and its timing periods are set using easy to understand rotary switches.

The relay on the UTR has 10 amp form "C" contacts, and all connections to the relay, power in and out, and trigger in/out signals are available at convenient screw terminal blocks.

The UTR's on-board +5 volt power supply can provide power to external circuitry, and the unregulated power supply voltage is available for powering multiple boards. Its additional pin-type power connector allows easy connection to wall block power supplies.

A unique feature of the UTR is its trigger output signal that can be used to start the timing period in cascaded UTR boards or other circuitry, and for easy setup and testing the UTR includes an on-board trigger input switch and multiple LED indicators for status.

The UTR is available as a complete circuit board assembly, and can be enclosed in an optional ABS plastic enclosure. The circuit board is 2.75 by 4.25 by 0.6 inches, while the enclosure is 3.6 by 6.0 by 1.6 inches total size including mounting tabs.

Complete information and documentation on Industrologic's entire line of products is available at their web site:
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