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UT51 Product Page
Hardware and Software Reference Manuals, Software Downloads

UT51 Microcontroller Development Board - $49

UT51 enclosure - $10

picture of UT51
picture of UT51 in optional enclosure

The Industrologic UT51 was designed to provide an extremely small, yet versatile and easy to use single board computer based on the Atmel AT89LP4052 microcontroller. With its USB interface to a desktop or laptop computer it can be used as a PC to digital I/O interface, a microcontroller development board, or it can be programmed to be used as a simple standalone industrial controller.

The UT51 includes the simple programming language Tiny Machine Basic already programmed into the microcontroller, or it can be reprogrammed using any number of software development tools available for similar Atmel microcontrollers.

  • Based on the Atmel AT89LP4051 microcontroller operating at 11.0592 MHZ
  • Optional components for AT89Cx051 family microcontrollers
  • Pullup resistors for digital I/O signals
  • 8 K byte EEPROM for storage of user programs or configuration information
  • USB Slave interface via an FTDI UMFT234XF for easy connection to PC compatibles
  • 8 logic level signals plus power signals available on screw terminal blocks
  • 8 logic level signals plus power available on a male IDC10 connector
  • 1 logic level interrupt signal available on a .1" header
  • Tiny Machine Basic programming language pre-installed in microcontroller
  • Optional ABS plastic enclosure

The UT51 is available as a complete circuit board assembly, and can be enclosed in an optional ABS plastic enclosure. The complete circuit board is 3.0 by 1.2 by 0.5 inches, while the enclosure is 3.30 by 1.50 by 0.80 inches total size.

The UT51 package is shipped complete with all items necessary to immediately begin application development:

  • The UT51 circuit board
  • A USB cable for connection to a PC compatible computer
  • Host computer software and programming examples
  • Hardware and software reference manuals
We think that you will find the UT51 development package to be a convenient and extremely easy way to begin and rapidly complete your development of a simple microcontroller based control system.

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