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Industrologic, Inc., announces the release of their URB, Universal Relay Board.

The Industrologic URB is a relay printed circuit board assembly designed to allow microcontroller and other logic circuits to control medium current loads. It features a single-pole double-throw "Form C" relay with 24 volt 1 amp contacts, and includes convenient terminal block connections, transistor drivers, a back EMF suppression diode, and LED indicator.

The URB is designed to be used with microcontroller boards or other logic circuits that have 5 volts and ground available to power the URB, and low current logic level outputs to activate the relays.

The URB is "universal" in that it can accept either active-high or active-low outputs. Separate connections are provided for either or both, and if both are used they can provide a "wired OR" connection.

The URB originates as a 4 board assembly that can be separated into individual boards by snapping the boards apart along a pre-cut score line. Each individual relay board is then 1 inch wide, 2 inches long, 0.6 inch thick, and contains identical components and functions.

The Universal Relay Board is available for individual purchase as a URB-4, a four section snap apart board. Other assemblies consisting of one, two, or three relay sections are available with purchases of other Industrologic products, for example, to extend the I/O of an Industrologic product by one, two, or three relays.
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