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SBC1-TB48 - $99

Digital I/O terminal block board for the SBC-1

picture of SBC1-TB48

SBC1-TB48 shown attached to an SBC-1

This printed circuit board assembly is designed to allow all 48 digital I/O signals on the SBC-1 to be utilized by providing terminal block connections through the IOSEL jumpers on the the SBC-1.

By removing the IOSEL jumper plugs and plugging into the IOSEL header connectors on the SBC-1 board, the SBC1-TB48 provides screw terminal block connection to all 24 digital inputs and all 24 digital outputs, plus four general purpose connections at each group of 12 I/O terminals for power or ground connections.

Included with the SBC1-TB48 is a screw and spacer kit that allows the SBC1-TB48 to be securely attached to the SBC-1 using the mounting holes in both boards.

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