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picture of T51-LED

Industrologic, Inc., announces the release of their T51-LED, an alphanumeric LED display board for their T51 and T51-TB single board computers.

The T51-LED is a front panel display board that quickly and conveniently plugs into a T51 with its mating connector, providing the T51 with four bright green alphanumeric green characters.

It also includes two individually programmable LED's arranged to form a "colon" which can separate the two character pairs into a clock or timer display.

The T51-LED is based on the Liteon LTM8647 2-digit alphanumeric LED display, and uses only 4 digital I/O signals from the T51, thereby allowing the other signals to be used for other purposes.

An on-board switching power supply powers the LED displays from the T51's unregulated supply, reserving the +5 volt supply for on-board logic and external circuits.

Combined with a T51, the T51-LED can be used to create a "serial LED" display, a clock or countdown timer, or simply a four character alphanumeric scrolling display.

The T51-LED is shipped with a reference manual and mounting hardware to make it quick and easy to use it with either the T51 or T51-TB.

Complete information and documentation on Industrologic's entire line of products is available at their web site:
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