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SS51-BBCC BetaBrite® (Classic) Protocol Converter

Add USB connectivity to your SS51-BBCC for just $10 more with the USBCONV.

The Industrologic SS51-BBCC is an inexpensive and easy to use method of obtaining the special serial port protocol of the BetaBrite® (Classic) Electronic Message Display by using super simple ASCII character commands. The SS51-BBCC will quickly and inexpensively turn a BetaBrite® (Classic) into the ultimate RS-232 serial LED display. In fact, if no special display modes are required, the SS51-BBCC might just have the easiest to use set of commands of all the serial LED's.

SS51-BBCC documents and information:

  • Single Page Brochure - Features, pictures, and pricing
  • Reference Manual
    - Complete technical information
    - Software protocol
    - Hardware connections and options
  • Software
    - The latest updates to programs provided with the SS51-BBCC
    - Available for immediate download

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