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Industrologic, Inc., announces the release of their SS51-BBCC BetaBrite® protocol converter.

The SS51-BBCC is a software option for the Industrologic SS51 microcontroller board designed to make using the Adaptive Micro Systems, Inc. BetaBrite® (Classic) electronic message display extremely easy to use as a simple RS-232 serial LED display. Without any special characters or commands required, it can convert simple ASCII messages sent to it into the special message protocol required by the BetaBrite display when using its serial port.

Selecting various display and character options is easily done with character sequences using the "Escape" character/key and "Control" characters, both easily entered from a standard keyboard on a computer or terminal. Messages can even be entered "by hand" for test purposes before writing programs to send messages.

Two DB9 connectors are available on the SS51 board to easily connect it to the serial port of an IBM PC equivalent computer and to the serial cable provided with the BetaBrite display. No other cables or adapters are required.

The SS51-BBCC is available as a complete circuit board assembly, and can be enclosed in an optional ABS plastic enclosure. The complete circuit board is 3.3 by 1.95 by 0.6 inches, while the enclosure is 2.8 by 5.0 by 1.0 inches total size including mounting tabs.

The SS51-BBCC is shipped with all of the items needed to quickly and immediately connect it to a PC compatible computer and a BetaBrite® display, and begin displaying messages-

Complete information and documentation on Industrologic's entire line of products is available at their web site:
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