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SMD-12 Software

Although the SMD-12 can store and display messages without ever using a computer, Industrologic provides an easy to use utility program that was written specifically for the SMD-12 to make it even quicker to enter and store messages. This program also has a function that allows the SMD-12 to be used as a marquee style display.

Other utility programs are also available to use with the SMD-12 to display messages.

The following software is included on the distribution disk shipped with the SMD-12:

  • README.TXT, description of files
  • SMDDOS.EXE, a DOS utility program for setting up messages in the SMD-12
  • PORTFINDER.EXE, a Win32 program that finds and identifies the serial, parallel, and USB to serial converter ports on the computer
  • HTTP232.EXE, a Win32 web server program that can be used to to operate Industrologic products over a network
  • SCHED232.EXE, a self-contained Win32 serial port command scheduler program used to control Industrologic products
  • SENDCOM.EXE, a Win32 program that can be run from the Windows Task Scheduler to operate Industrologic products at specific times
  • TERM232.EXE, a full-featured Win32 terminal emulation program with program development, data monitoring, and troubleshooting functions

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