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picture of SMD-12

Industrologic announces the release of their SMD-12 stored message display unit.

This unique display unit is designed to display messages with simple contact closures connected to screw terminals, and to allow these messages to be edited and stored permanently in the unit, without requiring a computer or complicated procedures. The SMD-12 can be powered from 12 to 30 volts regulated or unregulated power to allow the unit to be operated in vehicles and other portable equipment. The display features eight .56 inch 14-segment green LED display digits and will scroll messages that are over 8 characters. It can store 12 messages of up to 32 characters, and also features a counter mode, where it can act as a switch contact or pulse counter display.

The SMD-12 does not require a computer or any other external device to store messages or to display these messages. Messages can be entered and stored by using switches mounted on the unit. For those wishing to use the SMD-12 with a computer however, an RS-232 serial port connection is provided, along with commands to store and display messages.

The SMD-12 is provided with a rugged steel enclosure that can be stud mounted on a panel, and is shipped with a reference manual, RS-232 cable for quick connection to an IBM PC compatible serial port, and a disk containing a utility software program.

You can visit their web site at for complete information and documentation on their entire line of products.
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