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Grandwell SLC16H-IR Software

Industrologic has extensive experience interfacing the Grandwell SLC16H-IR display to a number of its products and writing software to display messages on the display.

The SLC16H-IR comes from the manufacturer complete with Windows messaging software that allows you to use one of the serial ports on the computer to send messages to the display. Industrologic has also written not only its own messaging software, but also application and utility programs that allow the Grandwell SLC16H-IR to be used for an even wider range of applications.

The following software is included on the distribution disk shipped with a Grandwell SLC16H-IR display when purchased from Industrologic and is available for download here:

  • README.TXT, description of all display files

  • SLC16MSG.EXE, Win32 based easy to use messaging program
  • SLC16COM.EXE, Win32 based command line to message display program

  • SLC16MES.BAS, QBasic/GWBASIC source code that shows how to send simple messages to the display

  • PORTFINDER.EXE, a Win32 program that finds and identifies the serial, parallel, and USB to serial converter ports on the computer
  • HTTP232.EXE, a Win32 web server program that can be used to to operate devices over a network
  • SCHED232.EXE, a self-contained Win32 serial port command scheduler program used to send messages to devices
  • SENDCOM.EXE, a Win32 program that can be run from the Windows Task Scheduler to send messages to devices at specific times
  • TERM232.EXE, a full-featured Win32 terminal emulation program with program development, data monitoring, and troubleshooting functions

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