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SIO-1000 RS-232 Data Acquisition Interface

Add USB connectivity to your SIO-1000 for just $10 more with the USBCONV.

The Industrologic SIO-1000 is one of the most versatile data acquisition products that we have found anywhere. Not just a "me too" data acquisition board, the SIO-1000 features the combination of input and output signals our customers told us they most wanted. And combined with the software and accessories we include with every SIO-1000, this product provides a value unsurpassed by anything else on the market.

Included with the SIO-1000 printed circuit board assembly is a machined ABS plastic enclosure, a wall block power supply, and an RS-232 cable to connect the SIO-1000 to your computer.

SIO-1000 documents and information:

Note: The SIO-1000 is compatible with "industry standard" solid-state module mounting racks. If you are not familiar with these products you may want to refer to An Introduction to "Industry Standard" Solid-State Relays and Mounting Racks, a guide to understanding these products.

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