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picture of SIO-1000   picture of SIO-1000

Industrologic, Inc., announces the release of their SIO-1000 RS-232 Data Acquisition Interface. This unit is a microcontroller based slave system designed to allow easy interface to a wide variety of signals using a common RS-232 serial port on a computer or other device.

The SIO-1000 provides 8 logic level digital inputs and 8 outputs, as well as 2 channels of 12 bit 0-5 volt analog input and 2 channels 12 bit 0-5 or 0-10 volt output.

I/O signals are brought out to screw terminals for quick discrete connection, and the digital I/O is also brought out to a 50 pin double-row header connector for easy connection to industry standard solid-state relay mounting boards.

The unit also includes pulse generator and pulse counter functions as well as a Form "C" relay.

The SIO-1000 is provided with display software and a prepared mounting box as part of the standard package.

The SIO-1000 is shipped complete with all items needed to place it into immediate service: Reference manual, rugged ABS plastic enclosure, wall-block power supply, RS-232 cable for connection to an IBM PC compatible serial port, and a software distribution disk.

You can visit their web site at for complete information and documentation on their entire line of products.
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