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Check our Product Comparison Matrix if you are unsure of which of our microcontroller based boards has the combination of relays, digital inputs and outputs, and analog inputs and outputs that you need.

SBC-1 Single Board Computer

Add USB connectivity to your SBC-1 for just $10 more with the USBCONV.

The Industrologic SBC-1 single board computer is an easy to use alternative to a PLC, and can perform most of the functions of a PLC. In addition to an Opto-22 style digital I/O connector, it also has screw terminal connections to provide easy to wire I/O (and no additional boards to purchase in many cases). Included with the SBC-1 is development software, a power supply, and a serial port cable for your PC. (Things you must purchase separately with everyone else's single board computer.)

What do you want from your single board computer? Here's what I want.

Programming and Interfacing the SBC-1 is a companion book that will show you how to interface to and write programs for each and every type of input and output signal on the SBC-1. These range from simple connections and program statements to advanced applications with complete programs. (A PDF file of this book is included on the SBC-1 programs disk.)

SBC-1 documents and information:

  • Single Page Brochure - Features, pictures, and pricing
  • Reference Manual - Complete technical information
  • Applications and Wiring
    - How to connect the SBC-1 to a variety of signals
    - Circuit diagrams and explanations
  • Software
    - The latest updates to development software and sample programs provided with the SBC-1
    - Available for immediate download
    - Development software available from other sources

Note: The SBC-1 is compatible with "industry standard" solid-state module mounting racks. If you are not familiar with these products you may want to refer to An Introduction to "Industry Standard" Solid-State Relays and Mounting Racks, a guide to understanding these products.

The 8051 FAQ provides a wealth of information about every aspect of the 8051 microcontroller, on which the SBC-1 is based.

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