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picture of SBC-1

Industrologic announces the release of their SBC-1 single board computer/controller.

This 80C51 based system features a menu driven monitor that includes diagnostic functions and system functions in ROM, such as user program upload and download, as well as system device driver routines.

The board is 5" by 8" with 51 total digital I/O signals. It includes an opto-22 standard I/O rack interface, two RS-232 connectors, one 8-bit analog input, a real-time clock, and a watchdog timer.

For quick development, there is an enhanced TinyBASIC interpreter in ROM that has debug, load and save, and I/O functions included.

It is the ideal product for rapid software development, and for those desiring to avoid complex, low level circuitry.

You can visit their web site at for complete information and documentation on their entire line of products.
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