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Industrologic, Inc. announces the publication of their new book, "Programming and Interfacing the Industrologic SBC-1 Single Board Computer - Applications and Experiments".

This 93 page book was written as a step-by-step tutorial for getting started with the SBC-1, and to show new users how to quickly develop simple data acquisition and control applications. Educators using the SBC-1 to teach the basics of interfacing computer hardware will find this book to be the perfect lab book and companion to the SBC-1.

The book contains all of the information needed to understand the SBC-1 input and output circuitry, communicate with the SBC-1, and begin writing simple programs, including some simple programming concepts for beginners.

It includes a wide variety of experiments and applications that fully cover how to interface to each and every input and output signal on the SBC-1, plus how to program the special on-board hardware devices. These projects range from basic experiments that show how to connect simple electrical devices to the SBC-1 and include simple programming statements, to advanced applications with complete programs written in multiple programming languages.

Also included in the book is variety of reference material contained in 11 different appendices.

A complete description of this new book, including the book's actual Foreword and Table of Contents is available on Industrologic's web site at
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