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Sched232 - Task Scheduler for RS-232 devices - $29

(included with many Industrologic microcontroller based products with serial ports)

Sched232 is a task scheduler that can send character string commands to one of 8 serial ports. It can be used to control RS-232 devices by sending commands at selected times, or for automated testing.

By using Sched232 and Industrologic products with relays and other outputs, you can control equipment and facilities, control presentations at trade shows, or automate computer application based test procedures.

The Industrologic products DR51, TC51, RC51, RC5120, IC51, DIO51, SBC-1, SIO-1000, and SS51 all have outputs that can be controlled with Sched232 serial output commands.

Sched232 is a compact Win32 application in a small single .exe file, with fully selectable communication parameters for each of 8 com ports. Commands can include both displayable text as well as control characters (the full ASCII character set).

Up to 1000 different tasks can be defined that can send serial commands at various intervals: Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and on selectable days of the week. Sched232 also includes the ability to immediately send a task's command to the serial port for testing purposes.

Download a trial copy of SCHED232DEMO.EXE.

screen shot of Sched232

screen shot of Sched232

log file