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Industrologic, Inc., announces the redesign of their popular RIO-8 Relay Board to allow jumper selectable configuration of the relay circuit options.

The Industrologic RIO-8 is an eight relay printed circuit board assembly designed to allow microcontroller and other logic circuits to control high current loads. It features 8 single-pole double-throw "Form C" relays with 10 amp contacts, and includes convenient terminal block connections, on-board back EMF suppression diodes, and LED indicators for each relay circuit.

The RIO-8 printed circuit board is physically arranged in 2 sections of 4 relays each, and each section has independent connections to its own terminal blocks, as well as connections between the two sections. This arrangement allows the board to be separated into two relay boards if desired.

The board can be powered by 10 to 14 volts DC regulated or unregulated, and requires only enough current to power the relays to be operated plus their LED indicators.

The new version of the RIO-8 allows the relay circuits to be configured with convenient jumper plugs for one of two circuit configurations, and no longer needs to be ordered hardwired to a particular configuration.

The jumpers allow the circuits to be individually configured in one of these two ways:

1. The "open collector" configuration is used where the relays are operated by sinking the relay current to ground. This type of operation is typical of devices that have open collector transistor outputs.

2. The "logic level" configuration is used with devices that have logic level output signals. These signals operate transistors on the RIO-8 that sink the relay current to ground.

Complete information and documentation on Industrologic's entire line of products is available at their web site:
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