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PWMC - Pulse Width Modulation Controller

Add USB connectivity to your PWMC for just $10 more with the USBCONV.

The Industrologic PWMC is a low cost and easy to use microcontroller board created specifically to provide a medium to high current pulse width modulation (PWM) output for LED strips or motors.

The PWMC's on-board power supply and its screw terminal connections make the setup for many applications both quick and simple. Plus, its RS-232 interface and simple commands means that it can be used as an RS-232 slave board for controlling PWM devices.

Included with each PWMC is a special version of Tiny Machine Basic (written specifically for the I/O on the PWMC, and includes PWM instructions), development software, a wall block power supply, and a serial port cable to connect to your PC. An optional machined ABS plastic enclosure is also available.

PWMC documents and information:

log file