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Pro-Lite PL-M2014RV6 Electronic Message Display Packages

picture of Pro-Lite PL-M2014RV6 electronic message display
24 inch wide by 2 inch tall display area, 80 by 7 LED's

Industrologic offers the Pro-Lite PL-M2014RV6 Electronic Message Display Display only as a part of packages that include Industrologic products. We have found that this display is the ideal product for those needing a large LED display that can be driven from an RS-232 serial port.

Contact us about how you can combine this display with your Industrologic product to create a package perfect for your application.

For more information about the PL-M2014RV6, or to order a sign from a Pro-Lite distributor, you can visit the Pro-Lite web site.

This display comes from the manufacturer complete with an RS-232 serial port, a cable to connect it to your IBM PC compatible serial port, a power supply, and Windows messaging software to display your messages. It also comes with a handheld remote control unit to program messages without a computer.

PL-M2014RV6 (TruColor II series) messaging programs and source code written by Industrologic for IBM PC compatibles are available on Industrologic's PL-M2014RV6 Software page.

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