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PDAS-LITE Portable Data Acquisition System

Add USB connectivity to your PDAS-LITE for just $10 more with the USBCONV.

The Industrologic PDAS-LITE is a rugged, versatile, and easy to use data logger that contains many of the features of our popular PDAS-3 data logger. The PDAS-LITE was designed for those who need the simplicity, versatility, and ruggedized construction characteristic of our PDAS-3, but who do not need its very fast sample rate or large memory capacity.

Many of the PDAS-LITE signals are electrically compatible with the PDAS-3, and the PDAS-LITE can often be easily connected to the same signals with minor wiring changes or adapter cables.

Included with each PDAS-LITE unit is a PC interface cable, a mating signal cable for easy signal interface, and download/graphing software.

PDAS-LITE documents and information:

  • Single Page Brochure - Features, pictures, and pricing
  • Reference Manual
    - Complete technical information
    - Configuration and data download options
    - Connections to sensors and various signals
  • Software (The same as used by PDAS-3)
    - The latest updates to download/graphing software and sample data files included with the PDAS-LITE
    - Sample data files from a variety of sensors
    - Available for immediate download

Note: Those of you in the parachute industry may want to refer to Collecting Parachute Test Drop Data, a guide to developing your own systems and equipment.

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