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OEM51-IO RS-232 Relay and Digital Input

Add USB connectivity to your OEM51-IO for just $10 more with the USBCONV.

The Industrologic OEM51-IO is a low cost and super easy to use RS-232 serial controlled relay and digital input. Its simple ASCII character commands allow easy testing and operation with simple terminal programs and application software as well.

All of this, along with its one amp relay contacts, opto-isolated digital input, and convenient screw terminal block connections, makes the OEM51-IO one the best RS-232 relay board values available.

OEM51-IO documents and information:

  • Single Page Brochure - Features, pictures, and pricing
  • Reference Manual
    - Complete technical information
    - Software protocol
    - Hardware connections and options
  • Software
    - The latest updates to programs provided with the OEM51
    - Available for immediate download

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