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Industrologic, Inc., announces the release of their MT1 mini-terminal.

The Industrologic MT1 is an LCD based mini-terminal that has been designed to provide a simple and inexpensive operator interface to Industrologic microcontroller based products and to other products with a serial connection for a terminal.

It includes a one line by 16 character LCD display, 3 pushbutton switches, and a front panel LCD contrast control.

The MT1 is available in two models:

1. The MT1-I is designed for connection to Industrologic products and has a DB9M connector on a short ribbon cable that can be plugged directly into the serial port of many Industrologic products. The other end of the cable has a 10 pin female IDC connector that plugs into a header on the MT1, and provides both signal and power connections to the MT1.

2. The MT1-T is designed for use as a simple terminal and has a DB9F connector that matches the pinout of the 9-pin serial port on IBM PC compatible computers. It can be easily connected to these computers or an equivalent serial port connection using a pin-to-pin male-to-female cable. Power for the MT1-T is provided from an on-board power supply through a pin-type power connector on the board.

An on-board Atmel AT89C2051 microcontroller along with an EEPROM allows the MT1 communication parameters to be saved, as well as allowing it to be configured in one of several modes: As a simple ASCII terminal, as a scrolling display for long messages, or in LCD mode allowing full control of the LCD module by using its native instructions.

An optional ABS plastic enclosure is available that matches the MT1 front panel mounting holes, or the MT1 can be mounted using additional hardware.

Complete information and documentation on Industrologic's entire line of products is available at their web site:
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