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Macro232 - serial port controllable macros - $39

(included with many Industrologic microcontroller based products with serial ports)

Macro232 is a macro program that can play predefined key macros based on characters received at one of the serial ports. Microcontroller boards with switch inputs can be programmed to send these characters to Macro232 in response to a switch closure to control applications through one of the serial ports.

Special macro commands are also available to send character strings out this serial port to control relays and other outputs of these boards.

By using Macro232 and Industrologic products with switch inputs, you can play macros in response to switch closures, for example, to control presentations at trade shows, or to automate computer application based test procedures.

The Industrologic products DIO51, T51, SI51, and SI5150 have switch inputs can be used with Macro232 to play macros in response to switch closures. The Industrologic products DR51, TC51, RC51, RC5120, IC51, DIO51, DIO51, SBC-1, and SIO-1000 have both switch inputs and also outputs that can be controlled with Macro232 serial output commands. The Industrologic IR232 and a handheld remote control unit can be used to send characters that cause Macro232 to play macros.

Macro232 is a compact Win32 application in a small single .exe file, with fully selectable communication parameters for each of 8 com ports.

Up to 256 different macros can be defined and multiple macro files can be saved and recalled. Macros can include all of the common Ctrl and Alt key sequences to control Windows and to run and control application programs.

Macro232 includes convenient test functions to make the creating and editing easy, including animation, to simulate typing, and the simulation of characters received at serial port to run macros.

Download a trial copy of MACRO232DEMO.EXE.

screen shot of Macro232

screen shot of Macro232

screen shot of Macro232

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