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IR232 Infrared to RS-232 Converter

Add USB connectivity to your IR232 for just $10 more with the USBCONV.

The Industrologic IR232 Infrared to RS-232 Converter uses the Sony 12 bit SIRCS infrared control protocol to send and receive infrared transmissions to and from an RS-232 port. Unlike some infrared to serial converters, the IR232 includes both transmission and reception of infrared signals, allowing a wide variety of control and communication possibilities.

You can use an IR232 to control electronic equipment with your computer, send commands to a computer using a handheld infrared remote control unit, or use a pair of IR232's as a low speed wireless link. The IR232 also includes a special mode of operation that can send pre-programmed character string commands upon reception of specified control codes, allowing you to control Industrologic products and other devices via their serial port using a handheld infrared remote control unit.

Included with the IR232 printed circuit board assembly is a wall block power supply, an RS-232 cable to connect it to your computer, and software with which to set up its parameters. An optional ABS plastic enclosure is also available.

IR232 documents and information:

  • Single Page Brochure - Features, pictures, and pricing
  • Reference Manual
    - Complete technical information
    - Configuration and communication options
    - Connections to other devices
  • Software
    - The latest updates to development software and sample files provided with the IR232
    - Available for immediate download

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