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HTTP232 - Control RS-232 devices via the web - $49

(included with many Industrologic microcontroller based products with serial ports)

HTTP232 is a compact web server that can interpret special commands sent with HTTP requests, and can use these commands to send character string commands to the serial ports. By creating web page files with links that include these special commands, a web browser can be used to control RS-232 devices connected to a computer running HTTP232 that resides on a network.

By using HTTP232 and Industrologic products with relays and other outputs, you can control remote equipment and facilities from any location in the world that can reach the network to which the computer running HTTP232 is connected.

The Industrologic products DR51, TC51, RC51, RC5120, IC51, DIO51, SBC-1, SIO-1000, and SS51 all have outputs that can be controlled with HTTP232 serial output commands.

HTTP232 is a compact Win32 application in a small single .exe file, with fully selectable communication parameters for each of 8 com ports as well as a selectable server port. Commands can include both displayable text as well as control characters (the full ASCII character set).

When first run HTTP232 will automatically create a default "index.htm" file if one does not already exist, which will contain example HTML to demonstrate how to send character strings to the serial ports, including samples for controlling Industrologic products.

Download a trial copy of HTTP232DEMO.EXE.

screen shot of HTTP232

screen shot of HTTP232 default index.htm

log file