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DR51 Software

Industrologic provides communication and software development packages to help aid in your software development. Example Tiny Machine Basic program examples for the DR51 are also included to demonstrate the use of its instructions.

If you will be writing 8051 assembly language, "C", or compiled BASIC for the DR51, the 8051 family software development tools page lists the products and resources we recommend.

The following software is included on the distribution disk shipped with the DR51:

  • README.TXT, description of files
  • TERMBAS.EXE, a simplified Win32 communication/program development program for devices with on-board BASIC interpreters
  • PORTFINDER.EXE, a Win32 program that finds and identifies the serial, parallel, and USB to serial converter ports on the computer
  • ALARM232.EXE, a Win32 program that can receive messages coming in a serial port and display alarms based on the messages
  • MACRO232.EXE, a Win32 program that can play keystroke macros in response to characters received from a serial port
  • HTTP232.EXE, a Win32 web server program that can be used to to operate Industrologic products over a network
  • SCHED232.EXE, a self-contained Win32 serial port command scheduler program used to control Industrologic products
  • SENDCOM.EXE, a Win32 program that can be run from the Windows Task Scheduler to operate Industrologic products at specific times
  • TERM232.EXE, a full-featured Win32 terminal emulation program with program development, data monitoring, and troubleshooting functions

  • DR51 Tiny Machine Basic example programs:
    pulses a relay in response to host command   read digital I/O from host computer   set relays from host computer   display/test status of all I/O  

Keypad specific and access control programs:

log file