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Check our Product Comparison Matrix if you are unsure of which of our microcontroller based boards has the combination of relays, digital inputs and outputs, and analog inputs and outputs that you need.

DR51 Single Board Computer

Add USB connectivity to your DR51 for just $10 more with the USBCONV.

The Industrologic DR51 is a specialized single board computer that is easy to program and easy to connect to external signals. Its two 10 amp relays, eight logic level I/O signals (with keypad connector), and serial port make it an ideal interface for many industrial control, access control, home automation, and PLC applications. It can even be used as a universal keypad encoder and key to RS-232 converter.

The DR51's on-board power supply and its screw terminal connections make the setup for many applications both quick and simple. Plus, its RS-232 interface and simple commands means that it can be used as an RS-232 slave board for reading numerous types of I/O signals and controlling relays.

Included with each DR51 is a special version of Tiny Machine Basic (written specifically for the I/O on the DR51, and includes keypad instructions), development software, a wall block power supply, and a serial port cable to connect to your PC. An optional machined ABS plastic enclosure is also available.

DR51 documents and information:

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