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DB9MMNM2 gender changer/null modem - $5

(DB9 Male to Male Null Modem Mini Adapter)

(Sold only with other Industrologic products)

picture of DB9MMNM2 adapter

The DB9MMNM2 is a gender changer and null modem adapter designed to allow easy connection from Industrologic microcontroller based products to other RS-232 devices with similar connectors and wiring.

The RS-232 serial port on Industrologic products uses a DB9F connector that is wired so that a DB9M to DB9F cable with pin-to-pin wiring (a cable which is included with many Industrologic products) can be connected directly to the serial port of a PC compatible computer.

By utilizing a DB9MMNM2, the serial port of an Industrologic product can be connected to another product designed to connect to PC compatible serial ports. Typically the adapter will be attached to the DB9F connector on an Industrologic product with its self contained screws, and will have a cable attached to its self contained jackposts with the screws on the mating cable.

The DB9MMNM2 uses the typical wiring of most commercially available null modems, with pin 9 not connected.

drawing of DB9MMNM2 adapter

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