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Recommended USB, Ethernet, and RS-485/422 to RS-232 conversion products

Interface Conversion Products

USB - Although RS-232 is a very common serial interface standard in the industrial electronics world, many computers are now being manufactured without these familiar standard ports. However, there are many USB to RS-232 conversion products available, some at very low prices.

Industrologic has available the USBCONV, a USB to serial port converter that uses the FTDI chipset.

Also using the FTDI chipset is the DLP Design DLP-UC232R-10 (10 CM with jackpost), which is offered by a number of distributors. The DLP Design web site is www.dlpdesign.com. It is currently available from Mouser Electronics, www.mouser.com, part number 895-UC232R-10. Another inexpensive converter using the FTDI chipset is the USBGear USBG-RS232-F12 (12 inch with jackpost). The USBGear web site is www.usbgear.com.

A convertor based on the Prolific chip set that we have found at very low prices is the Sabrent Model SBT-USC1M (1 foot with jackpost), SBT-USC1K (1 foot with thumbscrew), SBT-USC6M (6 foot with jackpost), and SBT-USC6K (6 foot with thumbscrew), which are offered by many distributors. Sabrent's web site is www.sabrent.com.

Ethernet - Network connectivity for many hardware devices has also become popular, and many ethernet to RS-232 conversion products are available too.

RS485/422 - And for industrial control situations that use RS-422 or RS-485, converters to RS-232 are available.

As an added benefit some of these converters provide multiple serial ports to enable a number of devices to be connected to their own serial port.

The following is a list of companies that we recommend from which to obtain converters for connection to Industrologic RS-232 products. If you have any questions about using devices like these with Industrologic products, please feel free to call us.

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