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8051 family software development tools

Industrologic microcontroller based products use Intel 8051 family compatible microcontrollers, including the Atmel AT89C2051, AT89C4051, AT89C51 and 52, and AT89C51Rx2, which are software compatible with the 8051.

If you will be modifying any 8051 source code provided by Industrologic, or creating 8051 assembly language, "C", or compiled BASIC programs for these products, we recommend the following software development products and information.

Atmel In System Programming (ISP) Software

Atmel provides FLIP (FLexible In-system Programmer), a development program that supports in-system programming of Flash C51 devices through RS232 and USB.

8051 family compilers and assemblers

MCS Electronics offers BASCOM-8051 and BASCOM-LT, two BASIC to 8051 family compilers with arrays and floating point variables. We have tested these compilers and found them to be an excellent value. Demo versions are available for download which will compile a limited code size, enough for many (non-commercial) applications. (Also available from Dontronics)

Small Device C Compiler, a free, retargettable, optimizing ANSI - C compiler from SourceForge.

ASEM-51 by W.W. Heinz, a free 8051 family assembler. We have tested this assembler and found it to work as well as the original Intel assembler.

Other 8051 family information

The 8051 FAQ includes more sources for assemblers, or "C" and BASIC compilers, plus nearly everything else you need to know to use an 8051 family microcontroller.

MCS51 Microcontroller Family User's Manual from Intel. The original complete documentation.

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